Record and record

Sapporo Agricultural College Second Farm

place Kita 18-jo Nishi 6-3-8



A model facility for developing dairy farming that suits Hokkaido's climate, with an American-style red roof that stands out against the greenery. Here you can feel the cutting-edge technology of the time and the enthusiasm of the researchers.
On the other hand, when the granary was newly built, it was built with an independent house and a raised floor to prevent rats from entering, but later on, an adjacent harvest room and a belt conveyor were added to reduce the labor involved in transporting grain. It is also interesting that it has a contradictory structure, such as allowing intrusion.
The second farm was relocated from the current location of the clock tower, but apparently they made a mistake in predicting the size of the clock and took great pains to add the clock tower. Maybe the people back then were surprisingly reasonable.
<Opening hours> [Outdoor] 8:30-17:00 [Indoor] 10:00-16:00
*Indoor areas are currently closed to the public. Please check the facility's website and SNS for the latest opening hours and closing dates.